Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

The Eye School

You can snap a PERFECT photo without ever touching your mouse to make it better!

How to do that? With The Eye School.

This lesson makes it easier for you (as a professional photographer) to JUDGE, ANALYZE, and DECIDE perfect lighting match for your model, whether you work as with bikini models, exotic cars, expensive getaways, or just your pet sleeping on a couch at your home.

This may be THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPT in photography!


Lights on and off.

Yin and Yang.

Black and White.

Yes, light. The most basic ingredient in every photo in the world. Various light size, quantity and quality are the most important element to successful photograph.

There are two areas that light creates when it's hitting an object:
1. Illuminated area.
2. Shadow area.

Simple enough, illuminated area is the area where the object received the light.
Shadow area is the area where the object doesn't receive a single light.

So remember, these are the most important thing in photography! LIGHT.

Stay tuned. We're gonna talk about Apparent Light Size in the next post.

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