Rabu, 28 Mei 2008

Digital Art Photography 101: Mastering Five Steps to Gallery-ready Art Print Success!

Ready to turn your photos into CASH?

These are the steps:

1. Defining Game
First, define yourself. What interests you? Bugs, exotic cars, or girls? This is the product.
Second, define your subject matter. What makes the photo interesting?
Third, define your audience. Are they artsy people, or they have no idea about photography? Don't miss your target audience. These are your market.

2. Master your skills
Photography, like any art form, is based on some basic rules. Rules of composition, use of geometry, color, cropping, etc. The more you can create and manipulate in-camera, the less you have to do in your image editor and when printing.

3. Processing it
Capturing a photograph is only the beginning. Digital art photography requires the following steps before you can print and frame your final image, including:
- Getting the image into your computer. By transferring the files from your digital camera to your computer, or by scanning a film print, positive, or negative into the computer.
- Digitally manipulating the image. You can crop an image, apply filters to it, resample, use layers, etc.
- Saving your image. JPEG, TIFF and RAW files are the most popular file type for printing.

4. Print images
After you complete step 3, just press Print, and you're good to go. Well, not quite.
We'll discuss printing process later.

5. Frame your masterpiece
When you have printed images in hand, you're almost to the finish line. These are the choices for framing your digital photo:
- Take your photos to your local framer and have frames made.
- Make your own frames.
- Buy it from a wholesaler or your local discount frame store.

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